The Proven 9 Step P.R.O.F.I.T System for Engineering Businesses to

Unlock 44% More Profit in 12 Months with Expert Coaching that Elevates Your Engineering Firm and Prepares You for a High-Value Exit... in just 3 Years

It’s time your tools took a backseat, and your business potential took the wheel.

Ready to make the switch?

Tim’s here to guide the way to a profitable engineering empire, one strategy-packed coaching session at a time.

Helping Engineering Companies

Grow to £50M a Year; and Beyond!

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9 Quick and Easy Ways to Turn Your Engineering Chaos into Cash

Feel Trapped By Your Engineering Business?


by the daily grind of managing your team, recruiting the "right" skilled workers, and never being able to switch off?


about the lack of business growth, not being able to meet customer demands, or your profits being down?


because you are rushing around, feeling like standards are slipping or your missing out on your family and hobbies?


Build A Better Business



The fastest path to making more money that you can use to grow your business & live a more fun life.

Marketing That


Win more high paying Customers using a proven Marketing MasterPLAN specific to your business to convert enquiries

A Team That


Plug in the tools, technology & systems that enables your team to innovate and grow your business on your behalf.



Identify the simple changes that will result in extra money without working harder = great finances

More Free


Master a specific system that will enable you and your team to get far more done, in less time, every single day.



Learn how to delegate roles and responsibilities so that your business runs smoothly even without you.


Knowing What To Focus On, Is Key

Increased Profitability

Watch your business grow with expert guidance and support that has helped get other businesses 44% more profits in less than a year!

Reduced Work Hours

Say goodbye to long, tiring workdays and save 8 hours every week with expert guidance!

That’s ​every Friday off to enjoy however you want!

Transition to a ​Leadership Role

Tired of just fixing things all day?

Learn how to work ON the business and not in it, make big decisions fast and watch your business get bigger and better

If you are missing just one of these pillars you are not building a sustainable business!

✅ Tim has guided over 100 business owners to profitable success

✅ Tim's frameworks & MBA developed alongside Harvard University

✅ Tim has 25 years of experience in running/ owning businesses

✅ Tim's clients, on average, increase Profits by over 44% each year

✅ Tim supports start-ups through to multi-Billion dollar companies

"I'd Recommend Working With Tim To Everybody. Just look at the numbers. The numbers don't lie do they!"

IAN BIRTWELL, MD of ISB Engineering



With the P.R.O.F.I.T System, ​you will dig out the roadblocks messing with your business and lay down a clear path to your dream business in 3 years!

Download Roadmap + Book A Call

This is a no-pressure chat where Tim learns about your business, the challenges you're facing, and your ambitions.

It's your opportunity to discuss your business hurdles and discover how Tim’s ​p​ersonalised ​g​uidance can set you on a path to overcoming these challenges.

Implement The Proven 9 Step P.R.O.F.I.T System

Once you’re on board, Tim will dive deep into assessing your business and pinpoint the exact areas that need a touch of expertise.

You'll embark on Tim's unique 9 Step P.R.O.F.I.T system, where each step is a ladder rung towards reaching your business goals.

Build A Better Business & Life You Love

Transform your Business into a highly profitable Engineering Business you can grow, sell or step back from with less day to day involvement.

"I'd Recommend Working With Tim To Everybody.

Just look at the numbers. The numbers don't lie do they!"

IAN BIRTWELL, MD of ISB Engineering


THE 9 STEP P.R.O.F.I.T System

Gets You Results Because...

The system is PROVEN

Everything in the P.R.O.F.I.T System has been used to successfully grow hundreds of businesses around the world, since 2012.

Turning Chaos in to Cash since 2012

The framework is SIMPLE

With the guidance of Tim, the P.R.O.F.I.T System makes it easy to get amazing results in your Engineering Business.

The brand is TRUSTED

When people see the P.R.O.F.I.T System or talk to existing Clients of Kaizen Business Consultants, they know the process will work.

Meet TIM

How To Escape the Tools and Build Your Business: Even if You A​re feeling Stuck

Are you tired of spending your days stuck on site, juggling tools instead of steering your business to success?

Meet Tim, your new business coach with experience spanning 32 years.

He's here to help you grow your business​ with ease.

Imagine waving goodbye to the endless hours of manual labor and saying hello to the thrill of watching your business soar.

With Tim's expert guidance, you'll break free from the daily grind, dramatically boost your profits, and slice your workweek down.

In less than a year, you'll boost your profits by 44% and cut down your working hours so you never have to work on a Friday!

It’s time your tools took a backseat, and your business potential took the wheel.

Ready to make the switch?

Tim’s here to guide the way to a profitable engineering empire, one strategy-packed coaching session at a time.


Giving You a Personalised Business growth plan for your business, with a unique 9-step P.R.O.F.I.T system that delivers an impressive 44% profit increase, in just 12 months.

Are you worried your business is turning into a never-ending maze of tasks with no exit in sight?

You're not alone! Many business owners feel the same.

Tim and his personalised ​g​uidance for firms, like yours, ​means that you can break out of this endless cycle​,overcome ​t​heir challenges and achieve an average of 44% profit increase in just 12 months​!

You see, not all coaches are made the same...

Some might give you a one-size-fits-all plan, but Tim crafts a unique ​​strategy that's tailored just for you​ so that you learn how to increase sales, improve efficiency, develop a stron​ger reputation, and build a profitable business that you ​w​ill love!

Why is Tim's ​g​uidance a cut above the rest?

Well, Tim knows businesses inside out. Unlike others who might hand you a ​one-size-fits-all plan, Tim's ​studied at Harvard and used his vast experience to create a 9 Step P.R.O.F.I.T System that’s easy and simple to follow.

With Tim, you’ll find the confidence to make those big decisions without breaking a sweat, and you’ll learn how to get your business running like a well-oiled machine, even when you’re not there 👌

What’s included?

Tim’s ​p​ersonalised ​g​uidance is designed especially for ambitious business owners.

With each step in Tim's proven 9 Step P.R.O.F.I.T system you are a step closer towards your business dreams.

Whether it's through insightful 1:1 sessions or group coaching. You’ll dive deep into sorting out team performance, nailing compliance, and banishing day-to-day chaos.

​T​ogether you'll draw the roadmap that takes you from where you are to where you want to be in the next three years.​ With strategies to attract the right clients, build a winning team, and create a desirable work culture. It's not just ​g​uidance; it’s your ticket to a booming business.

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About Us

Do You Feel Ready to elevate your business?

Book a discovery call and let’s explore how to apply these winning strategies to your venture 👇

With over 25 years of experience, ​Tim has guided 100+ business owners in transforming chaos into cash.

As an accredited Business Coach, ​Tim specialise​s in guiding Engineering Business Owners/ MDs ​to get out of the weeds (and off the tools) and start to build their business.

By implementing a simple, proven system, ​T​im has helped increase profits by 44% within a year without demanding extra effort.

This approach unveils ​your hidden profits and untapped opportunities, establishes effective systems, and lays down a long-term strategy for a robust and secure future.

In less than a year, you'll boost your profits by 44% and cut down your working hours so you never have to work on a Friday!

Ready to elevate your profits by 44% in under 12 months, cut down 8 hours from your weekly grind, and transform from tool-bound to top-tier? 

Learn from an elite business coach with over 25 years of experience in the engineering industry and be guided through a proven 9-step system to grow your business.

Secure your success by enrolling in our proven P.R.O.F.I.T system today!


The 9 Step P.R.O.F.I.T System Roadmap

I Will Show You Step-By-Step EXACTLY How You Can Drive More Revenue & Profit In Your Business...FAST!

"I'd Recommend Working With Tim To Everybody. Just look at the numbers. The numbers don't lie do they!"


MD of ISB Engineering



Still Have A Question?

How do I know if Tim is right for me?

Coaching isn't for everyone. People who have a closed mind to trying new things or always know-best, no matter the situation do not make good candidates for coaching. In order to get the best results, you need to have an open mind and actively be looking for better ways of doing things.

What does Tim's support consist of?

We will meet up twice a month for ninety minutes over a zoom call (or in person). The exact agenda for each session will depend on your objectives. However, we always look at what’s happening in your business so that we can deal with, discard or delegate any urgent problems that are causing you stress or upsetting your team. Then the rest of the session will focus on the important strategies needed to stabilise and grow your business.

FAQ image

Will Tim tell me what to do in my business?

No, business coaching is not about bossing you about or telling you what to do. A good coach is there to help make the difficult decisions that keep you awake at night, find the short-term opportunities that will bring in the cash and pick the right long-term strategies that will build your business. You will always be in control of the direction of your business and what you or your team need to do.

FAQ image

How fast will I get a return?

We are super excited for you to jumpstart your business growth journey with Tim's expert ​g​uidance.

But, we understand that trying something new can sometimes feel like a big step.

So, we've made a promise to make this step easy and worry-free for you!

At Kaizen, we are dedicated to providing a transformational experience, both financially and emotionally.

We firmly believe in the value of our ​g​uidance and support to deliver a significant return on investment within just 6 months.However, we understand the importance of peace of mind when investing in your growth and business.

That’s why we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If, after fully participating in our ​framework and you don’t see a positive change in your financial or personal growth, we will happily refund you​.

Benefit from our proven 9 Step P.R.O.F.I.T System to turn your overwhelm and overwork into a business that is a money making machine that you are proud of.

Plus have the option of selling for optimum value, within 3 years!




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